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Frequently Asked Question!


Metal and thickness of your choosing, with a raised impression of the image of your choice. You will saw it out to use as your like in your jewelry and art.

You can use a jewelers saw or metal shears to cut out the stamping. Then, file the edges to smooth it before using.

The stamping you recieve will be highly polished. You might give it a little sanding before using the patina of your choice. Lots of videos online on how to patina.

Since each order is meticulously cut and stamped after the order is placed,  it is considered a custom order and non-refundable. However, if you have any problems please contact me and we will resolve it to your satisfaction!

I would love for your to share your work on my instagram or facebook!

I use a combinations of annealing (softening the metal with high heat) and  20 ton hydraulic press.

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